Kira Hummen

Kira Hummen

Kira Hummen

April 24,

Concert @
artheater Basement

Kira Hummen stands for female strength, the melancholy of everyday life inspires her. Voice and guitar are her instruments, her lyrics her drive. Her passionate vocals are particularly outstanding - the courage to be loud and sometimes quiet. Kira Hummen's debut album GROWING PAINS (2020) is a manifesto of femininity; it tells of love, of pain, of growing.

The singer-songwriter, who lives in Düsseldorf, locked herself up in her bed room studio for the past few years to produce her new album herself. Named after her song "MY BODY IS THE ONLY PLACE", it gives female empowerment its own sound. The artist moves through the different stages of female empowerment, discovers new vocal facets and integrates the rumbling drum machine CR78 into a unique sound. In 2021, Kira Hummen was nominated as Best Newcomer by popNRW and is a laureate of the Lalla:Labor female artist promotion. Her new album "MY BODY IS THE ONLY PLACE" will be released in 2022.

The concert by Kira Hummen will take place as part of the project "c/o pop Nachwuchs NRW 2022", funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW.

Kira Hummen - Cold Stones (Music Video)
Foto: Bülent Kirschbaum

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