April 24,

Concert @
artheater Basement

»My music creates a mood that translates the acoustic into individual images,« says Stefanie Grawe aka GRAY about her first EP »Dialogue Systems«. GRAY is a designer and electronic music producer from Cologne and works at the interface of design, music and technology. With her audio-visual approach, she expands the boundaries of what can be experienced acoustically.

GRAY produces melancholy electronica and uses sombre melodic pads and broken drum rhythms to create atmospheric soundscapes that trigger or engage a sensory experience beyond pure music. Both the textured building blocks of her sound collages and the visual extensions of her work play a major role.

The concert by GRAY will take place as part of the project "c/o pop Nachwuchs NRW 2022", funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW.

GRAY - Fractal (Official Video)
singer GRAY stands in front of a grey wall
Foto: Alessandro De Matteis

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