Endless Fun

Endless Fun

Endless Fun

April 23,

Concert @
Bumann und Sohn

Endless Fun has always had one foot out the door when it came to music — whether it was his love for Pink and Robyn, his ongoing hip hop phase, or playing in punk rock bands — he felt uninspired by the commitment to one lifestyle that these subcultures always came with. Then one day, big relief settled in when he discovered PC Music. The ethos around their genre, hyper pop, is where Endless Fun found inspiration: pop music could be a parody of itself; music that can be anything he loved all at the same time; a genre where his lack of attention to one thing made sense. Driven by his desire to blend everything he loved about pop and punk, he downloaded Ableton and began producing music only one year ago.

Endless Fun’s sound blends every genre he knows in a wild and exaggerated pop experience. His debut-EP, Skirmish, is an open door into his weird world: a cocktail of genres being born and destroyed again. His ironic perspectives change in between the sincere lyrics and sudden breakdowns in the production of his songs.

“I just love pop music for just trying to be catchy in any sort of form.” - Endless Fun

The concert of Endless Fun is part of the funding project "c/o pop 2022 musichubgermany " and is supported by the Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft GmbH with project funds of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


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