April 24,

Concert @
Urania Theater

Why do you leave when everything around you seems to be asking you to stay? And where to in the first place, when you actually arrived a long time ago - just foolishly a while too soon? Sometimes there is this deep longing, without it being clear what for. And then?

Malte Huck never asked these questions so precisely, but he found an answer anyway; at least for himself: he founded BEACHPEOPLE in 2021, which is his idea of who he could be and how he wants to sound. After successful, exhausting, pandemic and divisive times, with BEACHPEOPLE he has created a project and projection surface for everything that needs to be said. In the process, something is built up and torn down, rediscovered and recognised, remembered and explored. BEACHPEOPLE lose, search and find themselves - and not necessarily in that order. Their introspection always creates an intense inner friction, which sometimes produces losses, but sometimes also warmth. Both are now shared by BEACHPEOPLE. Both can be clearly heard.

The style, characterised by low fidelity, initially only needs a guitar, a bit of drums and a voice that impressively masters the balancing act between restraint and expressiveness in order to touch and carry away all listeners with just a few words and a lot of feeling. Stylistically, a certain closeness to folk cannot be denied, nor to indie rock or bedroom pop. Nevertheless, the label of a certain genre would not do justice to BEACHPEOPLE, the perceptible influences coming from all directions are too diverse.

BEACHPEOPLE are an open system, a project that could well become a band - at least in live performances. Or an artists' collective that sees itself as a never-quite-completed process anyway. Here it's about a vision that has long since matured, yet continues to grow.

The concert of BEACHPEOPLE is part of the funding project "c/o pop 2022 musichubgermany " and is supported by the Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft GmbH with project funds of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.