Yier Erin Bargeld
Photo: Yier Erin Bargeld

Yier Erin Bargeld

Managing Director | Cybernaut Europe

Yier Erin Bargeld is a serial entrepreneur and investor on three continents, from her home bases in Berlin, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley. As a Chinese-American now living in Berlin, she has invested in a dozen Berlin-based startups on diverse topics, from women’s health to online language learning. Today she builds and invests in international bridge-building projects with a common base in technology and communication networks, focusing on topics such as renewable energy, electric mobility, e-commerce, and education. In her spare time, she built and ran the first online crowd-funding platform in 2002 for the seminal German band Einstürzende Neubauten, which has been revived in 2019 for a fourth phase via the Patreon platform.