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Thomas Vidovic
Photo: Marcus Hofmann

Thomas Vidovic

Senior Director of Music for Advertising & Film | Universal Music Publishing

Thomas Vidovic wurde in Frankfurt am Main geboren und studierte Medienkultur und Politikwissenschaft. Selber leidenschaftlicher Musiker wechselte er 2011 von Agenturseite in die Musikbranche zum Verlagsarm der Universal Music Group und leitet dort als Senior Director of Music for Advertising & Film den Synch-Bereich von Universal Music Publishing.
Neben der Lizenzierung und Auswertung des globalen UMPG Repertoires in Bewegtbildmedien schaffen Thomas und sein Team Kooperationsmöglichkeiten für nationale und internationale UMPG Songwriter.

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2019:

Thursday 02.05

11:00 - 12:00

Music Supervision Today & Tomorrow: Sync, Branded Content, Testimonials, Partnerships (ENGL.)

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Experts at the interface between music and brand or film will provide insights into the world of cooperation - from the mediation of a song for a spot or trailer to the use of a musician in a spot or film and to the interweaving of channels from brands and artists in the context of communication. But music rights are known to be among the most complicated in the world: many players are involved – who is able to understand all of this? Not to mention the fact that it also has to fit strategically, content-wise and personally... We're burrowing through the jungle of usage rights, personality rights, requirements for labels and – a journey through the colorful world of the emotions that arise when art and commerce make a pact.