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Ruud Bongaerts

Ruud Bongaerts

Co-owner | Festival.Travel (NED)

Ruud Bongaerts, managing partner of Festival.Travel, specialised in festival tourism in the past 8 years. Many festivals are eager to get more foreign visitors, but don't have the experience, network and the tools to attract those visitors. I work for several international music festivals, like Sziget, Exit and Lollapalooza Berlin and consult them on how to position themselves for their target audience. Some festivals believe every invested euro will be doubled within a year, but reality shows you can only improve the number of foreign festival visitors with a long-term strategy.

Besides we developed a new ticketing module where customers can create their complete festival holiday. Travel, stay and additional services can be bought directly with official festival tickets. We are ready to compete with classic holiday operators. Why would you spent your summer holiday in a lazy club in Spain while you could combine the bést artists with Europe’s most beautiful cities as well?

See you abroad!

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2019:

Thursday 02.05

15:00 - 15:45

Festivals and Tourism: How to turn your music event into something more (ENGL.)

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Many of today’s festivals are seeking the attention of international visitors, so the task of turning these events into touristic products is one of the key aspects of the contemporary international festival scene. Tourism-related marketing can provide a more complex customer experience already from the first contact, an added revenue stream and lots of new stories to tell. At this panel we will look into this topic from two angles, considering both the festival’s and the supplier’s point of view. If you are involved in organizing a festival, or (being a fan or a band) simply interested to better understand the modern nature of these big events, come and join us!