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Olof van Winden

Olof van Winden

Director and Founder | TodaysArt festival (NLD)

Olof van Winden (Mukumu, Kenya - 1976) is director andfounder of the TodaysArt festival in The Hague. Over the years,under his leadership, TodaysArt has expanded into an internationalnetwork of festivals, projects and collaborations in Japan, South-Korea, Mexico, Russia, the Middle East, Canada, the UnitedStates and many European countries.
In between Van Winden was also the director of Montevideo/Netherlands Media Arts Institute in Amsterdam. He curatedrenowned exhibitions and events, among which the SeoulBiennale (Media City Seoul, 2012), Detroit Electronic MusicFestival (2002/2003) and large scale exhibitions in Moscow incollaboration with the National Centre of Contemporary Arts andthe Moscow Biennale.
His visionary approach and inner urge for a in depth search of newideas are his drive in forming a worldwide platform for facilitatingartists in their creativity and for bringing it as a close and personalexperience to the global audience of all backgrounds, cultures,interests and levels.
Known for his unconventional approach and considered an expertin media art, digital culture, creativity and innovation, Van Windenis regularly invited as a speaker during international conferences, as advisor for creative projects, or as jury member/advisor forcommittees.

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2019:

Thursday 02.05

10:30 - 11:45

Power to the Women! (ENGL.)

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Keynote Vanessa Reed: Hear from Keychange Founder Vanessa Reed about the story behind this pioneering international gender balance campaign, why it's so important and how more of the music industry could get involved in this growing movement for change

Keynote Desiree Vach: Power to the Women!" will give focus upon a specific aspect of the music scene: the women working in the industry.Although being perceived as diverse and open-minded, the music industry has to struggle with gender-related preconceptions regarding the underrepresentation of women.Although the industry started to try to deal with this in many cases recently, where are the substantial changes, which it needs urgently?We will approach the situation with an update on the current status quo and overview how to continue shaping the presence to make sure we are changing the future in the industry longtermwise.