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Henan Wensink

Henan Wensink

Founder | henanX - creative brandexperience services

Henan works as a creative partner and expert on music as well as artist collaborations in the advertising and media industry. Consulting, creation, and seeing to the execution of marketing and
brand experience concepts is what he brings to the game. What makes him stand out is being a game changer with innovative communication solutions. He worked on numerous award winning
cases among which the ones he will present at c/o Pop this year.
Henan was born in Singapore, grew up in the Netherlands and lives since over a decade in Germany.
Via stepping stones at NGOs like Amnesty International and event manager at music festivals, he entered the advertising/media industry as music supervisor/partner at Soundscape Music. In its
heyday one of the main music production houses in Europe. 5 years ago he started his own company henanX and worked for basically all big agencies and brands you can think of on multiple international marketing campaigns.

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2019:

Thursday 02.05

11:00 - 12:00

Music Supervision Today & Tomorrow: Sync, Branded Content, Testimonials, Partnerships (ENGL.)

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Experts at the interface between music and brand or film will provide insights into the world of cooperation - from the mediation of a song for a spot or trailer to the use of a musician in a spot or film and to the interweaving of channels from brands and artists in the context of communication. But music rights are known to be among the most complicated in the world: many players are involved – who is able to understand all of this? Not to mention the fact that it also has to fit strategically, content-wise and personally... We're burrowing through the jungle of usage rights, personality rights, requirements for labels and – a journey through the colorful world of the emotions that arise when art and commerce make a pact.
12:15 - 12:45

Gibson - Les Paul Skill Check

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Gibson/Epiphone challenged aspiring guitarists to show if they have what it takes to possess and play on a legendary “Les Paul” guitar. Utilising the mobile app Shazam, potential Gibson/Epiphone buyers were invited to proof their worth by playing a selected guitar solo of Björn Gelotte of the Swedish hard Metal band In Flames. Promoting the release of Björn’s signature Les Paul model was part of the concept. The campaign combined innovative use of mobile apps, artist collaboration and the key to successful social media advertising: consumer participation.
17:30 - 18:00

Featuring Alexa - The first interactive song with voice assistent Alexa (ENGL.)

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In times where more and more artists wish to be creatively independent and therefore without the support of a (big) label need to find alternative ways to build an audience and seek ways for distribution, the challenge is to stand out. The talented and upcoming UK Hiphop Band Too Many T’s took with a DIY approach the interaction with their audience to a new whole new level with the first song that not only interacts, but also integrates a voice assistent tool in the track.