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Derek Opperman

Derek Opperman

Chief Editor | Electronic Beats

Derek is the chief editor of Telekom Electronic Beats’ international website (www.electronicbeats.net). Prior to his work as a journalist, he was an adjunct professor in San Francisco State University’s Interdisciplinary Humanities department lecturing about electronic dance music, club culture and media theory.

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2019:

Friday 03.05

12:00 - 13:00

Music Journalism 3.0 (ENGL.)

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It is an open secrets that traditional music journalism has lost its role as gatekeeper not only due to digitalization, but also because of its own passivity," wrote Alexis Waltz (together with his colleague Sebastian Weiß) in the last print edition of GROOVE at the end of last year. Did music journalism disestablish itself or does an individual form and language have to be developed for writing in a digital context? In this session we want to discuss which strategies can and should be pursued in this area in the future.