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Christoph Muck

Christoph Muck

Fortunes (AUT)

Christoph Muck has more than 10 years of music industry experience and is a co-founder of ForTunes-the music data analytics service providinga growing number of artists, labels and managements with data insights about their music. ForTunes helps to keep artists and teams in the loop about playlist placements, blog posts, influencer uploads and more.It is available as iOS app and a mobile friendly browser dashboard at www.fortunes.io

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2019:

Thursday 02.05

14:00 - 16:30

Next school of innovation drivers (ENGL.)

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The music industry, not just the German, is still lacking in innovation. We will take a look at what could be the reason for this and at the same time will present exciting new ideas and examples from the fields of audio and video, label work, data management and artificial intelligence.

Why is it important for today’s music companies to innovate even though streaming revenues are on the rise? In this talk, Dr. Babak Zeini and Florian Franik are making a case for music companies to step up their innovation efforts by looking at external drivers, shifts and trends, as well as by dissecting the music industry’s internal change-aversive patterns, narratives and innovation hurdles. Both external and internal perspective are calling for a massive change in corporate culture and behavior.

Creating visual assets to promote your music and engage your audience

Artist-centric music data analytics elevates the careers of a new generation of creators. Technological development and affordable equipment ensures that million artists are edging into the market. Using a multitude of tools and services that help them to produce, release, distribute and promote their music directly to fans and DSPs, many artists take responsibility for their business, take control and build sustainable careers.

Gold Finch
What role does AI currently play and how is that going to change in the near and distant future? Defining Artificial Intelligence and putting it into context for the entertainment industry, whilst taking a peek at current developments and trends and deriving the necessary steps that every company should be taking.

Details will follow soon