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Antònia Folguera

Antònia Folguera

Content & Communication Advanced Music (ESP) | Sónar+D

Antònia Folguera is a curator at Sónar+D; she organizes Dorkbot Barcelona - the event that gathers the community of people who do strange things with electricity- and works in the XRCB project, a network of community radios in Barcelona.
She has been the communication manager for music technology projects such as Oval sound and Reactable, and in a former life, she used to be a radio and tv host. Most of her work revolves around digital culture, internet communities, electronic music, and music technology.

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2019:

Friday 03.05

16:30 - 17:30

Artist Talk with Susan Rogers (ENGL.)

Mehr Infos
Susan Rogers has built three different careers in the music industry: She worked for Prince as a sound technician on records like “Purple Rain” or “Sign’o the Times” in the 80s, became a successful record producer for David Byrne and Tricky and Barenaked Ladies, for whom she produced a multi-platinum record in the 90s and later focused on an academic career, where she earned a PhD in Psychology. She specializes in psychoacoustics and music cognition. Currently, she is doing research in auditory memory, the perception of musical signals, and how the brain interacts with music at Berklee University, where she is lecturing. Anyone who makes music works in the music industry or simply loves music will find enormous inspiration in Susan’s talk.