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Cologne, June 28 2017

Programme of c/o pop Convention 2017 and Brands & Music Day 2017 presented

Today c/o pop Convention has presented the preliminary complete programme. Overall around 100 international speakers will come to IHK Cologne on August 17 and 18.

Top speaker will be Michela Magas (founder of the interdisciplinary creative platform Music Tech Fest and recently distinguished as a European Women Innovator of the Year by the EU), Grammy winner and fair trade music activist Imogen Heap, actress as well as benefactor and board member of the MaLisa Foundation Maria Furtwängler, the Director of Music of VICE Media Charlotte von Kotze and Frans Jonker, General Manager Continental Europe of Eventbrite.

Panels with high profile participants will be concerned with, among others, music and stars as driver of digital brand communication, new possibilities for proceeds for musicians by means of rights synchronization for advertisements, movies and games, the creative potential of innovative technologies and digitalization.

Music & Tech on Thursday & Friday

The topical track “Music & Tech” shows that the technological development and the reception, production and distribution of music are interacting with each other. The topics range from the new prospects for music videos and promotion via augmented reality, virtual reality and video live streaming to the changes of remix culture thanks to mobile devices to the potential of niche streaming services. The role of digitalization for the physical reality of festivals will be discussed by two pioneers of this subject: Darren Gallop (Marcato Festival) and Frans Jonker (Eventbrite). The presentation of the VR Video of the track “Reminder” by Moderat will be a particular highlight on Friday – Moderat will open c/o pop Festival on Wednesday August 16.


Blockchain might be able to revolutionize the music industry once again – this time maybe to the creatives’ advantage. The topic that has already been fervently debated last year in Cologne will once again play a central role. We were able to get Grammy-winning musician Imogen Heap as an expert, who came to be known as solo artist, member of Frou Frou and soundtrack composer (“Harry Potter”) – and who founded a Blockchain-based fair trade music service named Mycelia.

Brands & Music Day on Thursday

On Thursday August 17 the Brands & Music Day will once again put the spotlight on new cooperations of music industry and brands. One focus will be the topic of Sync, which is the “Synchronization” of music rights in sectors like advertisement, but also film, TV and games. In her keynote Charlotte von Kotze (Director of Music, VICE Media LLC) will show how VICE Media redefines the role of brands as enablers.

Music and stars as drivers of digital brand communication will be examined carefully just as neu possibilities of presentation for brands at festivals. Top experts like Bernd Dicks (Parookaville Festival), Christoph Pietsch (CMO DDB Düsseldorf), Dan Burt (J Walter Thompson) and Bobby Gumm (Trailer Park, L.A.) will provide first-hand input. The Brands & Music Day 2017 is an event of Agentur Lautstark in cooperation with c/o pop Convention and sponsored by the Ministry of Economics of the Federal State of NRW

„New Talent Day“ on Friday

This year the “New Talent Day” will be held for the first time on Friday August 18. Its purpose will be to impart fundamental knowledge of the music business to the DIY generation of musicians in a variety of workshops. Björn Beneditz, artistic consultant and performer for Deichkind will provide insights into the topic “Live performance and staging of the artist”.

The New Talent Day is organized by popNRW – promotion of young musicians in NRW and VUT West as part of c/o pop Convention 2017.

We Are Europe am Freitag

As part of the festival cooperation project We Are Europe two panels will be realized together with the partner festivals Elevate – Discourse & Activism (Graz/Austria) and Resonate (Belgrad/Serbia) on Friday August 18.

The first panel “On the Road to Somewhere?” is about the role of culture in the city of the future – We Are Europe’s topic of the year.

The second panel “Riot in the Matrix – Revolutionizing Communication” will put decentralized and user-oriented models for the communication between digital service providers and users up for discussion.

Let’s talk about films

Two talks will focus on music films which will have their premiere as part of the simultaneous c/o pop Festival. The talk on Thursday (August 17) will be about the documentary “Conny Plank - The Potential of Noise“ by Reto Caduff and Stephan Plank: The film provides insight into the work of the legendary producer who has produced records for David Bowie, Eurythmics and Kraftwerk. Reto Caduff, Stephan Plank and producer Milena Fessman will talk about the development history of the film.

The talk on Friday (August 18) will focus on the film “Magical Mystery oder: Die Rückkehr des Karl Schmidt”: Arne Feldhusen shot the novel of the same name by Sven Regner and lets Charly Hübner take over the world of German techno music in the 90s. Cologne heroes like Hans Nieswandt, Wolfgang Voigt and Justus Köhncke are appearing in supporting roles.

Arne Feldhusen will talk to Hans Nieswandt, and will provide insight into the production and the licensing of the music.

Theorie und Theremin

In addition to keynotes, talks and panels there will be workshops that will stimulate participation on both days. The musician and composer Dorit Chrysler (The NY Theremin Society) is inviting to a theremin workshop following the panel “Research of Music Education” on Thursday August 17.

Women and Music

The role of women in music and the music business will be put into the spotlight in several formats. Maria Furtwängler, her daughter Lisa Furtwängler and Dr. Maya Götz from the International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI) will present a study on the representation of role models and gender relations in music videos. Further Michela Magas (Music Tech Fest, European Women Innovator of the Year) will be questioned on “Gender Equality in a keynote interview, and the project “We Make Waves” will be presented – a community, a conference and a festival for women and non-binary person in the music business.

All’s well that syncs well

Sync is not just a topic on the Brands & Music Day: At the close of c/o pop Convention a high-profile panel will discuss the role that music has in innovative TV and web formats for the Gen Y – members of the panel will be: Charlotte von Kotze (Director of Music, VICE Media LLC), Daryl Bamonte (Managing Director, Schubert Music Publishing UK), Dan Koplowitz (owner of Friendly Fire Licensing) and Simon Pursehouse (Director of Music Services, Sentric Music).


Partners such as Klubkomm and Livekomm will offer further panels; the industry forum creative industry of the IHK Cologne will take place during c/o pop Convention on August 18, 2017 as well.


You can purchase day passes as well as tickets for both days or combination tickets for all events of c/o pop Convention and all shows of c/o pop Festival (August 16 to 20, 2017):http://c-o-pop.de/convention/tickets/

Go to the preliminary complete programme, it will be updated constantly.


cologne, 14.April 2016

The c/o pop convention, again expected to be attended by 1,000 international industry visitors, is taking place parallel to the c/o pop festival on 25th and 26th August 2016. This year's convention will delve deeper into topics - all with a high level of practical relevance - which met with particular resonance in previous years, and at the same time provide glimpses into emerging developments in the music industry and related sectors.

The first day has been designated as "Brands & Music Day", and is being hosted by the agency Lautstark in cooperation with the c/o pop convention. The event will be the first in Germany dedicated exclusively to the topic of brands and music. How is branded entertainment set to consolidate its place in the marketing mix favoured by the advertising industry? How is it possible to structure the liaison between brands and musicians so that both sides benefit? The first confirmed speakers are Richard Kirstein, author of the book "Music Rights Without Fights" and England's leading expert on music rights licensing for brands, and Fredda Hurwitz, Global Chief Strategy at the communications agency Havas Sports & Entertainment, which for many years has helped famous brands in their forays into the entertainment sector.

The second day, entitled "Exchange & Connect", has a dual focus. The module "Content Creation & Distribution – from Digital to Live" examines the new sales opportunities created by digital innovations. The module "Sync" investigates the prospects opened up by the "synchronisation" of music rights with other entertainment sectors (music, films, video games, advertising...). The confirmed speaker is Benji Rogers, founder of the direct-to-fan platform Pledge Music, whose vision of a fair trade music database as a new, transparent and equitable foundation for the business of music licensing is currently making waves.

The c/o pop convention is cooperating for the second time with SoundTrack_Cologne (24 - 28 August), the largest German trade fair dedicated to music and sound in film, games and media. Joint programme elements, coordinated areas of focus and networking events are planned.

Gateways to the digital solutions which make innovative forms of cooperation such as those between brands and streaming services possible in the first place will be explored in collaboration with the INTERACTIVE Festival (23 -25 August). All the events are taking place for the first time in this constellation in Cologne's Chamber of Commerce. Once again, our cooperation partner is the Federation of Communication Agencies - GWA.

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