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Moderat at c/o pop Festival 2017
Moderat at c/o pop Festival 2017

We're looking forward to welcome Moderat, Berlin's supergroup with members of Modeselektor and Apparat, at c/o pop festival 2017.

Since the advent of the synthesizer, critics, fans, and musicians themselves have debated the qualifying mark of what is considered “music”. Can personality, emotion and the human condition be accurately conveyed through electronic and programmed melodies? Moderat says yes. For 15 years, the German collective has devoted its heart to a blissful marriage of majestic electronic compositions and soul-bearing lyrics unlike any other artist.

What began as a combination of two distinct sounds – Modeselektor’s party-ready breakbeat style and Apparat’s breathy, pop-leaning aesthetic – has now become a fully-realized ideation founded squarely on musical symbiosis. The culmination of this project takes the form of the trio’s third studio album, 2016’s III.

III, which featured such earworms as “Reminder”, “Running” and “Eating Hooks”, followed in the footsteps of its aptly-titled predecessors – 2009’s I and 2013’s II – and was universally celebrated by critics and fans alike. The album hit the charts in numerous European markets and reached #5 in the group’s native Germany.

Riding the surge of momentum following the release of III, Moderat embarked on a world tour that saw the group play to sell-out crowds at concert halls across Europe and North America – playing large concert venues to as many as 10,000 dedicated Moderat fans. But a Moderat live performance is no mere concert.

In an age where technology develops at an exponential rate, the band has crafted a live experience that truly exemplifies three of their homeland’s core competencies: technological innovation, musicianship and artistic expression. Partnering with Berlin-based design house Pfadfinderei, Moderat have reimagined the high water mark of club and theatre live performances. Together, Moderat and Pfadfinderei utilized a veritable arsenal of colored lights, strobes, smoke machines, and a stage-spanning LED screen to showcase a dazzling curated visual display filled with imagery inspired by the iconic artwork of their entire discography.

Instead of “pushing play”, Moderat works throughout their 90-minute performance to re-work their own music. They are constantly shaping, stretching, contouring and weaving special live versions of songs taken from I, II, and III. Paired with the spectacular staging and graphic design, the result is a multi-sensory experience that lives and breathes, constantly displaying the raw emotion and personal experiences that inspired the original songs.