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Locals & Residents
Locals & Residents

For the whole year music is being played at clubs and bars. Especially in Cologne we consider ourselves fortunate that again and again soloists, crews and party organizers (in some cases in personal union) appear who feel the urge and passion to dig through record stores, establish party nights and are able to encourage the dancing people before the “headliner” makes an entrance. Or to accompany the partying people afterwards into the morning and on their way home.

That is why we want to present you our locals with a couple of words (in a strictly alphabetic order, of course):

Alaaf and Kickin’ – From Cologne’s Südstadt and it’s slanted meadows (Schräge Wiesen) into the world of house music. Sometimes harder, sometimes more soulful – Clifford, Oswin and Simon Hein are playing everywhere where sunshine and love are needed. Perfectly to party on Friday at Stadtgarten together with Pearson Sound, I-F and Acid Arab.

Ancient Future –This crew got together during the wild months at the Cologne (off-)club Jack Who. They founded a label, are playing records and are producing electronic dance music without fear of pop or being cheesy. Sometimes they pop in with African music or rave classics. Alma & Mater, as well as DJ Weemon are predestined to escort the geek house artist JACQUES through the night on Wednesday.

Cologne Sessions – By now the four to five guys (Aroma Pitch, MK Braun and DJ Miami) are part of the inventory of Cologne’s nightlife. No matter if live sessions with Magic Mountain High or DJ club nights with Delroy Edwards, what once started with “It’s all about the music” is still following this slogan today. They are booking events in their seventh year, sometimes against the current, sometimes crosswise to it. They are calling Stadtgarten their headquarter and on Friday they will play there as well, next to Pearson Sound, I-F, Acid Arab and Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt.

Dennis Stockhausen – Even though the family ties to the Neu Musik composer Karl-Heinz are still remaining unclear, the two fastest hands of Kompakt know exactly how to make the dancing mob happy. The sympathetic DJ based in Cologne proves with his Dear! club night that “being a fan and love” are still the best drive for a great party. This is exactly what makes him the perfect partner for the Sunday at Odonien with the lo-fi-house greats Mall Grab and DJ Seinfeld.

Good News – Techno, electro, rave: DJ Brom and Menki are getting started when others are finishing. From time to time some trance can be heard as well. Their main point will be to be certain of their good taste when they are going to party with Alaaf and Kickin’ and Cologne Sessions at Stadtgarten. Sarah San usually strikes quieter sounds – file under: ambient and avantgard – and proves to the guys how to combine complex and darn good. Perfect to maintain the mood at the Restaurant after Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt.

Hade – He was not only “The Healthiest Man in Chicago” (with DWFL), but also did hold up Footwork and Juke when everyone else was still hanging around Detroit. He digs deeper in the crates then all of us together and combines Arabic folk with German wave. Whoever thinks that this is not danceable has never ever seen the notorious sneaker fan in action. The genre busting quality of his music, which is already available as an edit on the label Razor-n-Tape, guarantees that he is right prepare the audience for the “House-Not-House” producers Romare.

Jules – The Swabian based in Cologne has earned his stripes over the last years with parties like Rise and Kickin’; he received his culmination at Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf. By now he has his own radio show at the renowned London internet radio station NTS, called “Neue Tanz”; an honor that is bestowed only on very few. On Thursday he is a welcome addition to Motor City Drum Ensemble, on Friday one to Pearson Sound. A secret weapon that is not so secret anymore in any case.

Julian Stetter - Even though he is part of the Ancient Future crew this member of the electronic pop duo Vimes is worth a special remark: If you are only looking forward to Mall Grab and DJ Seinfeld risks missing out on the beautiful guy on Sunday at Odonien.

Laut & Luise – The techno collective from Cologne will play on the opening Wednesday foot to foot and back to back with the fellows of Ancient Future when others already have to go to work. For this move they are engaging Scrouger into action and Dübel to the side of DJ Weemons to play hippiesk dance music.

Shumi – They are coming because of Shumi, they are staying because of Shumi. First and foremost he has been making his mark as the head honcho of the programme of Gewölbe. At the same time he has run a label and lets week after week slide feet on the dance floors of Cologne. Who else wood be more suitable to finish off the night on Friday at Gewölbe for Clara Moto and Roman Flügel? Exactly, no one.